Clinic Coordinator

Caitlin Gerity

BA, Western Washington University, 2007
Why I work at Neighborcare Health: 
I work at Neighborcare Health because I am dedicated to providing accessible, affordable and quality health care to families and individuals in our community. Working in the school-based program is especially rewarding because I get to work with and learn from students of all different walks-of-life.
Before joining Neighborcare Health Caitlin worked at a community health center in Missoula, Montana and volunteered as a rapid HIV tester/counselor at the Missoula AIDS Council. She has been an ESL teacher in Shenzhen, China and an ESL tutor in Florence, Italy. Caitlin grew up in Seattle but has travelled extensively both domestically and internationally. Her favorite international destination is Cambodia, but she says that Glacier National Park in Montana is a close second. When at home, she likes to spend her time reading and playing with Mabel, a three-year old border collie.
Languages spoken:
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