Personalized Pregnancy Care

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Thu, 2015-12-10

Every woman is unique and so are her health care needs. That is why we offer a range of choices for family planning, pregnancy care and childbirth, including routine check-ups and health education with Neighborcare Health and UW Medicine providers. We are committed to providing culturally sensitive, full-service care for low- and high-risk women, regardless of income or insurance status. Our patients deliver at Swedish First Hill Birth Center or the University of Washington Medical Center.

Patients can choose care with a certified nurse midwife, a family medicine doctor, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. There is no need to decide before making an appointment at one of our clinics. A nurse will guide patients through the process of understanding each option and making a choice.

Neighborcare Health also offers a program of group prenatal care called Centering Pregnancy where women attend visits with other women to learn, share experiences, and support each other with provider participation. Groups are conducted in English, Spanish, and Somali.

Dental care for pregnant women is also important for a growing baby. We recommend getting dental care at least once during pregnancy. Neighborcare Health and our partners can help with that, too. 

We welcome you to make an appointment today at one our clinics in your neighborhood.