Annual Reports

Dear Friends,

It is my privilege to share with you this report on the vital services we provided and achievements of Neighborcare Health in 2015. These achievements are the result of a great deal of work and dedication of our staff, volunteers and patients, as well as the generosity and commitment of our partners and donors.

The Seattle economy is rapidly growing and expanding, while unemployment rates are falling. At the same time, we hear about the soaring cost of housing, underfunded education, and the increasing number of families and individuals who are challenged to live with security and dignity in the city we call home.

With intention and impact, Neighborcare Health establishes strategic partners, such as the City and County, neighborhood and immigrant organizations, low-income housing providers, schools, and shelters to serve the underserved, remember those easily forgotten, and provide a quality health care home to the most vulnerable in our community.

This is why I am honored to be part of and to lead this organization. And I’m thrilled to be the one to tell you that last year we increased those we served to 61,773, a new milestone for us.

Our growth in 2015 included new clinic sites, ranging from the groundbreaking Meridian Center for Health to a small but innovative clinic located in the St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop on Aurora Avenue to Neighborcare Health at Boren, a new clinic tailored for homeless individuals and families.

Thank you for the opportunity of joining such an outstanding organization with a rich history of caring for our neighbors. I will preserve what has made Neighborcare Health successful, boldly determine where we grow to extend our reach to touch more lives with quality and compassionate health care.

Thank you once more to our donors and communities for supporting this work, our visionary Board of Directors, recently retired CEO Mark Secord, our staff and volunteers, and our patients who inspire us daily. Please take a moment to read this report. You will find stories of hope and reasons to celebrate with me.

Michael Erikson
Chief Executive Officer

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